From the paddocks to your plate, this is The Provincial.

The woodfire charcoal parilla was custom built in Spain. It’s a natural cooking process using iron bark and fruit tree wood sourced from Queensland which offers a distinct smoke flavour and consistent heat enhancing the natural characteristics of the ingredients. Come taste the difference. It’s a culinary delight!

We love how food brings people together, so we wanted to create an environment where ingredients were fresh, and the majority of meals were cooked over woodfire charcoal. Coming from large families ourselves, every meal was a bonding activity so we wanted communal share plates of delicious food to enjoy interaction between family and friends. – The provincial

About us

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what critics say about the Provincial

The Provincial offers the perfect balance of French countryside and culinary precision. Staff are personable and confident in their recommendations.

Eat Drink Play

- http://eatdrinkplay.com

Make sure you leave room for dessert – painstakingly placed edible flowers, sharp granitas, and assorted textured bits are composition notes in the symphony of sweet options on offer at The Provincial Sydney, Rozelle.

Melting Butter

- http://www.meltingbutter.com

The Provincial’s use of quality produce and the smoky flavours from the parilla do much of the leg-work with the mains.

Concrete Playground

- https://concreteplayground.com

Chef Recommends

Choose a perfect combination of main dish and wine, thanks to our Chef’s specials

spiced eggplant | cavalo nero | Finger Fennel
coriander | chilli | garlic | tomato
herb slaw | parsnips
mushrooms | zuchinni | tomato | walnuts
700g | green beans | pinenuts | grapes

Do you value relaxing, friendly atmosphere?

Our interior will sway your mood!

Celebrate your next event at The Provincial. The restaurant can be partially booked or fully booked for large functions of up to 100 people sit down. Whether it’s champagne cocktails on arrival, a bespoke wine selection in consultation with our sommelier or a curated menu designed by our Head Chef; we would be happy to work with you and create your desired event.


Check yourself, before you wreck yourself

Check yourself, before you wreck yourself

Function Etiquette: Things to avoid if you’re wanting to leave a positive impression at a function. Below is a completely satirical article that’s not supposed to be taken too seriously. With that in mind, please enjoy! Now I know what you’re thinking; I’m an adult and I know how to act. In many cases that’s

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